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  • Aesop Daily
    Aesop Daily
    Category: Children
    0 Episodes
  • Comica Obscura
    Comica Obscura
    Category: Books
    0 Episodes
    Putting a spotlight on the ignored, overlooked, and underappreciated comic book heroes, villains, and sidekicks.
    Category: Talk
    0 Episodes
    In "DISQUISITION" I, Kyle Souza, sit down and talk (usually with myself) about some contentious topics, beginning with abortion.

    I believe that if people are willing to have a reasonable approach to solving problems that is both loving and logical, then a lot of the issues currently dividing our nation/world would get ... See More
  • Grumpy Young Man
    Grumpy Young Man
    Category: Talk
    0 Episodes
  • How To Marketing & Sales With Kyle Souza
    Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand. This podcast provides a holistic (they're all connected) view of branding, company culture, marketing, and sales.
    Whether it's about website SEO or sales management, pitching or publishing, traditional advertising or disruptive marketing, we want to talk about it. If you are a CEO (or other ... See More
  • How To SEO
    How To SEO
    Category: Internet
    0 Episodes
    Search engine optimization is a big deal for small businesses. I'm here to help, as much as I can. A lot of things play into SEO, and it is constantly evolving, what worked really well three years ago could be hurting your rankings now. Learn about tools, get tips, work through actual implementations, discuss use-cases, and improve ... See More
  • Internet Archaeologist
    Internet Archaeologist
    Category: Internet
    0 Episodes
    Each month we visit a once-great website, web service, or web application that has either become a shriveled shell of its former self (longing for the glory days when dns servers called its name), disappeared entirely from the active internet save for a random mention here and there on the most obstinate and archaic chatrooms, or perhaps ... See More
  • Kyle Gets Con-Ed.
    Kyle Gets Con-Ed.
    Category: Hobbies
    78 Episodes
    I go to conventions sometimes!
    Nerdy stuff, business stuff, all sorts of stuff...
    Btw, "con-ed" is my shorthand for "convention educated".
  • Monster's University
    Monster's University
    Category: Talk
    0 Episodes
  • My Character Sheet
    My Character Sheet
    Category: Hobbies
    0 Episodes
    For this podcast, I go through creating Dungeons & Dragons (5E) characters. It's not just about the stats though, I talk about the idea behind the character and why the stats are the way they are, and whatever else I can think of to make this a little entertaining as well as informative. Downloadable character sheets will be ... See More
  • PodCastlevania
    Category: Television
    0 Episodes
    This podcast is dedicated to the Castlevania anime series on Netflix. Follow us as we follow the adventures of Trevor Belmont in Wilachia as he battles against Vlad Tepes, AKA Count Dracula, and his horde of demonic monsters.

    This show has a mature rating for foul language, gore, and adult themes. So, while I enjoy the series and ... See More
  • Quickies With Kyle
    Quickies With Kyle
    Category: Comedy
    108 Episodes
    Laughing every day helps us stay sane - and hopefully this can make you laugh, or at least think about maybe smiling...
    Just a quick bit (usually less than thirty seconds); something nominally entertaining about family, work life, society, etc.

    Become a podcaster and get one month free! Sign up for a Spreaker pro plan with this link to ... See More
  • Random Tech Thoughts
    Random Tech Thoughts
    Category: Technology
    123 Episodes
    In my daily life of web designer, IT manager, database developer, Excel specialist, application programmer, server administrator, person with a modern phone, and internet user I come across some puzzling situations. Here you can hear me work through them.

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  • Re:Generation Memory Verses
    Re:Generation Memory Verses
    Category: Religion
    0 Episodes
    re:generation© is a 12-step discipleship program that focuses on "recovery in Christ when life is broken". Each of the 12 steps (admit, believe, trust, inventory, confess, repent, follow, forgive, amends, continue, intimacy, regenerate) has at least one Bible verse associated with it that you are encouraged to memorize.

    This ... See More
  • Scam Me. Spam Me.
    Scam Me. Spam Me.
    Category: Culture
    12 Episodes
    I get calls from spammers and scammers (just like everyone else), but (unlike most) I answer them and talk for as long as I can. I figure if they're busy trying to dupe me they're not duping somebody else. I also find the practice despicable so wasting their time gives me some personal satisfaction.

    I get more calls from ... See More
  • Socially Inept
    Socially Inept
    Category: Talk
    0 Episodes
    Some of us are worse than others at pretending to be normal. Join me, and sometimes a guest, each week for a discussion about being different, interacting with people, and understanding society a little bit better.
  • Unboxed
    Category: Culture
    12 Episodes
    A podcast dedicated to subscription boxes, news about and the unboxing of; with a focus on geek/nerd (fantasy, tech, comics, etc). Boxes covered include (but are not limited to):
    World's Finest: The Collection
    Loot Crate
    Geek Fuel
    J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World
    Smuggler's Bounty
    My Sci-Fi Club
  • Walking Through "The Watchmen"
    Walking Through "The Watchmen"
    Category: Books
    0 Episodes
  • What Day Is It?
    What Day Is It?
    Category: Current Events
    15 Episodes
    Every day is a day worth celebrating! We all know holidays like Christmas, or even Ground Hog Day; but what about National Pumpkin Pie Day and Candlemas?
  • What's Up in The Woodlands
    A weekly podcast all about The Woodlands, TX and the surrounding area (Spring, Shenandoah, Tomball, Conroe, etc (and maybe even some Houston stuff too!)).

    I may be biased because I live here, but The Woodlands is my favorite part of Texas. If you live, work, are from, just visiting, or in any other way enjoying the area, then this ... See More
  • Who is Kyle Souza?
    Who is Kyle Souza?
    Category: Talk
    0 Episodes
    EI'm not the only guy with my name. So, each month I, Kyle Souza, interview another Kyle Souza.
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